The Land Beyond Orgasm – (Women Only – Bliss, On-Demand! with Hypnosis)

Are you interested in effortlessly experiencing orgasmic bliss unlike anything that you have ever experienced, with any man, ever before in your life?


Would you like to experience pleasure, beyond pleasure, beyond pleasure, beyond pleasure?


Utilizing my proprietary deep-hypnosis technique of Therapeutic Hallucination, I will give you a fully tactile remote control that only you can see, feel, and operate -so that you will be in total and instant control of your pleasure.


This is high-tech ecstasy engineering!


Whenever you press the desired button on your remote control, BOOM! The wave of arousal and orgasmic bliss build and build and knock you off your feet and you feel more alive and more incredible than you have ever felt before.


Nobody else in the world knows how to do Therapeutic Hallucination, so this stuff is extra special…



Would you like to experience?
  1. Arousal On Command
  2. Orgasms On Command
  3. Clitoral Orgasms
  4. Vaginal Orgasms
  5. Anal Orgasms
  6. Uterine Orgasms
  7. Chakral Orgasms
  8. Whole Body Orgasms
  9. Aural Orgasms (Orgasms That Extend Beyond Your Body And Envelop Your Entire Being)
  10. Multiple Orgams
  11. Machine-Gun Orgasms
  12. Squirting Like Crazy
  13. Learning To Squirt
  14. “The “One Hour Come”
  15. Continuous Orgasms
  16. Nipple Orgasms
  17. Orgasms From Giving Blowjobs
  18. Telepathic Orgasms
  19. Remote-Control Orgasms
  20. Energy Orgasms
  21. “Orgasm Breaks” (Instead Of Coffee Breaks Or Chocolate Breaks -Your Coworkers And Girlfriends Will Be So Jealous!)
  22. Phone Sex Like You’ve Never Experienced!
  23. Having An Imaginary Penis
  24. Virtual Sex Change (Experiencing What Sex Feels Like As A Man)
  25. Masturbating With A Virtual  -yet totally realistic feeling!- Penis
  26. Virtual Reality Worlds (Full-Sensory Vacations) With Time Distortion
  27. Breast Enlargement
  28. Clitoral Enlargement
  29. Full-Sensory Tactile Hallucinations
  30. Mind-Droids

    (Mind Droids are Full-Sensory Tactile Hallucinations That Give You Complete Sex With Your Dream Man Who Looks And Feels Exactly Perfect For You – A “Virtual Sex Doll” That Is So Real, That You Can’t Tell The Difference Between It And A Real Man (yes, it is this authentically real, and can be any dream guy you want)- In Fact It’s Better Than A Real Man, Because Your Mind Droid Will Pleasure You Exactly The Way You Want. You can see, hear, feel, taste, touch, converse with, and fully experience you Mind Droid as if he was a real man. Much better than a large silicone sex doll that you have to hide when company comes over to visit.)

***And Anything Else Your Imagination Can Come Up With! We can make it real!



Price: $2,999.00
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